NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS:4 Participants per school

DURATION: 90 minutes

DESCRIPTION: May the forces be with you.

1. Each school can have one or two groups, with four participants in each group.
2. Only a single electrical connection will be provided to each group.
3. If more than one connection is required, extension cords should be brought by the participants.
4. Each group will get full 120 minutes to prepare their model.
5. Explanation of the model should be presented by every group through Powerpoint presentation only (laptops are to be brought by the participants).
6. The dimensions of the model should not exceed 4.5 ft by 1.5 ft.
7. Experiments involving chemical reactions (use of acids, bases, etc.) will not be allowed.
8. No materials (Except electricity) will be provided by the host school.
9. The models should be innovative and original.
10. The Judges’ decision shall be final and binding.


NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 1+1 Participants per school

DURATION: 90 seconds

DESCRIPTION: Shine on your crazy diamond.

1. The participant(s) must display originality.
2. The skill being displayed must not be one that is dangerous for the participants or the audience. It should not involve the use of fire or an inflammable object.
3. The skill that is to be put up should not be of a violent or obscene nature. The use of vernacular will not be entertained.
4. The judgment shall be made on the basis of originality of the show and the overall impact.
5. The act may cover areas like mime, mimicry, physical skills, artistic skills, ventriloquism, music, dance, cubing, stand-up comedy, sand art, magic tricks or any such skill that does not violate the above mentioned rules.
6. Participants will be provided with a microphone and sound system but all the other necessary equipments must be arranged for by the participant themselves.
7. The time limit must be strictly maintained.


NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 2 Participants per school

DURATION: 120 minutes (2 rounds per school; 1 minute per round)

DESCRIPTION: Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

1. All forms of dance are allowed.
2. Participants dance one by one. Opponents do not dance at the same time.
3. The event shall begin with a cipher where each team will have to showcase their skills for a short span of time on any random track played for the first round of selection. That will be followed by selection of 8 teams (Judges are free to choose more or less as per convenience).
4. Each time a team faces an opponent; there shall be 2 rounds in which both participants must exhibit their skills.
5. Participants of each school dance in alternative rounds.
6. Commandos are allowed in between. Commandos are when both participants of a school choose to dance together in synchronization. This should not exceed 30 seconds.
7. Judges’ decision is final and binding.
8. Participants are expected to be prepared to dance on any of the 20 preset songs mentioned in the email that will be sent to each of the representatives of different schools.
9. Any obscenity shall not be tolerated and will lead to immediate disqualification.


NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 3 Participants per school

DURATION: 120 minutes

DESCRIPTION: Baithe Baithe kya kare?

1. Only Hindi songs will be allowed.
2. Singing songs containing objectionable lyrics will lead to disqualification.
3. Further rules specific to the different rounds will be mentioned during the event.
4. The game master’s decision will be final and binding.


NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 3 Participants per school

DURATION: 90 minutes

DESCRIPTION: Break the spell.

1. The first written round will consist of 30 spellings. This round will have a total of 20 conventional spellings and there will be 10 words whose etymology will be given and the team has to guess the word.
2. After the completion of the first written round, the scores will be tabulated and the top 8 teams will sit for the second round.
3. In the second round the qualifying participants will be given 10 letters each, using which, the top four teams making the most number of words (3 letters or more) will qualify for the finals (words with the most letters used fetches maximum points).
4. In the finals, there will be 15 spellings. 10 would be conventional and 5 would be etymologies.
5. In case of a tie, the pronouncer will break the tie as he/she deems fit.
6. Spellings only accepted as in the Oxford Dictionary. American spellings will be marked as a wrong answer.


NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 2+2 Participants per school

DURATION: 240 minutes

DESCRIPTION: Put a spin on it.

1. The tournament is open to students of classes 9 to 12.
2. The tournament will be divided into two categories:
       a) Boys
       b) Girls
3. Each school will have to send 4 participants, two for singles and two for doubles.
4. Those participating in singles cannot participate in doubles and vice – versa.
5. The participating schools will be divided into 2 groups and the games will be played as knockouts. Top two teams from each group will progress to the semi – finals.
6. Matches will comprise of:
       a) 2 Singles Matches
       b) 1 Doubles Match
7. The faintest hint of aggression or abuse, either towards the opponent or the teachers/organizers of the games shall lead to immediate disqualification of the team.
8. Every set whether singles or doubles will be played best of three games .
9. The Table Tennis Balls shall be provided by the organizing committee.


NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 4 Participants per school


DESCRIPTION: God save the king.

1. The tournament will be played in a 5 round round-robin mode.
2. Round 1 fixtures shall be decided by a Lottery System.
3. After Round 1, the teams with the same scores shall play each other.(Lottery will be done as and when required)
4. A draw can only occur when there is only King Vs. King left on the board or a draw due to insufficient material.
5. A draw by mutual agreement can only occur if there are no major pieces left on both sides and only pawns and Kings remain or a King/Queen Vs. King/Queen situation occurs. No other types of draw shall be accepted.
6. All FIDE rules need to be duly followed.
7. The participants cannot walk in and out of the rooms where the competition is being held. It is the responsibility of the participants to ensure that when they are participating in chess, they are not expected to report for some other event. There shall be no exceptions in this regard.
8. The faintest hint of aggression or abuse, either towards the opponent or the teachers/organizers of the games shall lead to immediate disqualification of the team.
9. If there are any doubts, the Core Committee must be contacted well in advance. No exceptions shall be allowed.


NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 2 Participants per school

DURATION: 90 minutes

DESCRIPTION: Riddle me this.

1. The Sudoku , Puzzle and Riddles will be interrelated and combined in this event .
2. Each team will either be given a puzzle or a riddle which they will have to solve to unlock either a row or a column of the Sudoku (9x9).
3. There will be a total of nine rounds of puzzles and riddles.
4. At the end of all even rounds (2nd,4th,6th,8th round),the slowest team to solve the puzzle or the riddle will be eliminated.
5. If a team is unable to solve a riddle or a puzzle within ten minutes of it being given , they will be given another riddle or puzzle to solve.
6. After a team completes all the rounds of puzzles and riddles and unlocks the whole sudoku, then they will have to solve the sudoku.
7. Top three teams to finish the Sudoku will be placed in the respective order in which they finish.


NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 2 Participants per school

DURATION: 90 Minutes to click pictures +20 minutes to select the pictures to be submitted. 10 Minutes for presentation time per school.

DESCRIPTION: Frame your own angle.

1. All cameras and accessories must be brought by the participants. The host school will not provide any such equipment required for the event.
2. Participants are responsible for their own belongings. The host school is not responsible for the loss of any such belongings.
3. The photographs must be submitted in a pen drive and a copy of the same is to be kept by the participants as a back-up. The pen drive should also be brought by the participants. The photos submitted should strictly be in RAW format, without any kind of edit.
4. Each photo which is presented before the judges must have a relevant caption, not exceeding 10 words. The participants are to explain the link which the draw between the picture and the caption.
5. One member shall explain the photographs and its relevance to the pertaining theme. Participants will be asked questions on the technical aspects of the photographs presented, by the judges.
6. The participants are required to submit three pictures, each representing any one of the themes given by the host school on the final day.
7. Marks will be awarded based on technique, creativity and relevance to the theme and caption given by the participants.

BOSCO Enigma  



DESCRIPTION: - |- --| |-| | | | -| |

1. Each team has to make a meme related to specific templates which are to be unlocked based on clues provided separately to each team.
2. The clues will be of varying difficulty and thus will have varying points.
3. The clues will consist of codes, riddles, audio files and video files.
4. Each of the clues will provide each group with more number of templates and hence will increase the number of options available to the group. Having unlocked more templates would consequently fetch them more marks.
5. Hints will be provided if the teams fail to decipher the clues.
6. The meme made by each group will be awarded points by the judge based on the creativity and originality of the meme.
7. Points will also be given based on the difficulty of the clues, time taken, and number of templates unlocked.
8. Any form of vulgarity, religious reference, political reference and school reference is strictly to be avoided.
9. Plagiarism will result in deduction of points.
10. All participants are required to carry their own laptops for the event.
11. The judge’s decision shall be final under all circumstances.




DESCRIPTION: Less is more.


Round 1: (Prose)
1. Participating schools should have one participant each for English, Hindi and Bengali.
2. The topic will be given on spot. The topic can be a picture, word or phrase.
3. Word limit: A minimum of 450 words.
4. Only the paper and pen for writing will be provided.
5. Use of any electronic device(s) is not allowed.

Round 2: (Terribly Tiny Tales):
1. Participants will be given the theme on spot.
2. Participating schools should have one participant each for English, Hindi and Bengali.
3. Participants will have to write a story in 25 words to bring out the given theme.
4. Use of any electronic device(s) is not allowed.



DURATION: 120 minutes

DESCRIPTION: Palatte of hues, strokes of memories.

1. The participants will get two themes for the artwork and it will be specified on spot.
2. The participants will be provided with one A3 sheet per team, and they may use the whole sheet or any part of it.
3. All types of media (spray painting, watercolours, oil pastels, charcoal, felt tip marker, pencils, etc) will be permitted but the participants must bring all the painting material that they require (brushes, colours, spray cans, etc.).
4. Lending and borrowing of any sorts of materials will not be permitted.
5. Any kind of vulgarity depicted through the artwork will result in immediate disqualification.
6. The judges are entitled to question the participants on their artwork.



DURATION: 8 minutes per match

DESCRIPTION: May the "Hand of God" be with you.

1. All matches will be two-on-two (doubles).
2. FIFA’18 will be played on PS4.
3. The format of the matches (knockout/league basis) will be disclosed on the day of the fest.
4. Predefined squads will be used (only INTERNATIONAL TEAMS will be allowed).
5. Opponents may use the same teams.
6. Matches will be of 8 minutes (4 minutes per half).
7. The semi-finals and final matches will be of 12 minutes (6 minutes per half).
8. The host school will have two teams.
9. Game settings will be set to default.
10. Camera settings will be set to default.
11. Goalkeeper settings will be set to World Class.
12. A maximum of 2 minutes for team management will be given.
13. The controller settings can be changed according to the player’s preference.
14. Participants are requested to bring their own controllers.



DURATION: 60 minutes

DESCRIPTION: Hit me with your best shot.

1. Each round shall consist of 3 darts per participant.
2. Points shall be awarded on the accuracy and technique employed for the throw(s).
3. There will be 3 rounds on knockout basis in which the final round shall be a picture round.




DESCRIPTION: X marks the spot.

1. The treasure hunt will comprise of 8 rounds and 8 locations on the DBPC campus. A round can be “skipped” if a school accepts a 10-minute penalty.
2. Clues will be concealed at the location for every round, which may include puzzles, ciphers, hidden objects, etc. The clue to the next round can also be obtained by completing a “challenge” successfully.
3. The team reaching the final destination first will be adjudged the winner (with all the clues in correct order)
4. A volunteer will be accompanying the participants throughout the event.
5. Use of electronic devices, accepting help from others, or any damage incurred to school property will result in disqualification.