NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 7+3 Participants per school

DURATION: 7 minutes

DESCRIPTION: Dance first. Think later

1. The theme for the dance will be provided to the schools on the day of the Representatives’ meet.
2. The performance must include at least one of the following dance forms:
      a. Bharatnatyam
      b. Indian Contemporary
      c. Semi Classical
      d. Kathakali
      e. Odissi
      f. Kuchipudi
      g. Mohiniattam
3. The entire performance must be ethnic including the costumes and music.
4. No film songs or music allowed.
5. A minimum of 4 participants must be onstage throughout the performance.
6. Points will be awarded for costumes too.
7. Vulgarity of any sort will not be entertained and will lead to immediate disqualification.
8. The music must be e-mailed to the fest e-mail ID ( by 12th July, 2018.
9. The songs must be submitted in a pen drive, at the registration desk on the day of the fest.



Duration: 150 minutes

DESCRIPTION: Make me an offer I can't refuse.


Round 1:
Duration: 4 minutes presentation+2 minutes for questions.

1. Every school will be given the product and one of the other three P’s (price, place, promotion) of Marketing at the time of registration on the day of the fest.
2. Participants will be required to make a presentation on how the other P’s will blend with the two that is given to them and the justification for the same.
3. They will also be required to explain how this product will capture its market share.
4. The judges will also be allowed to ask questions on the presentation.
5. Schools shall be marked on innovation, creativity, presentation, and pitch.
6. Top 8 schools from this round will qualify for round 2.

Round 2:
Duration : 3 minutes per school
1. This round will be an impromptu crisis round.
2. Further details of this round will be provided after the end of round 1.


NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS:8+5 Participants per school

DURATION: 5+2 minutes

DESCRIPTION: Some dance to remember, some dance to forget.

1. There should be a minimum of 5 participants on stage at all times.
2. Points will be deducted for exceeding the time limit.
3. Any form of vulgarity will lead to the disqualification of the entire team.
4. The songs must be E-Mailed to the fest E-Mail ID by 12th July, 2018. (
5. The songs must be submitted in a pen drive, at the registration desk on the day of the fest.
6. Each school must bring their own props.
7. The decision of the judges will be final and binding.


NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 5+3 Participants per school

DURATION: 10+2 minutes

DESCRIPTION: The show must go on.

1. There will be three categories: Solo, Group Song and Group Instrumentals.
2. Participants are to be in school uniform.
3. Songs with objectionable or derogatory lyrics will not be allowed.
4. Pre-recorded music of any form is not allowed, which includes synthesizer accompaniments and drum beats.
5. Maximum number of MUSICIANS allowed is 5.
6. For the group song there should be more than one vocalist.
7. A minimum of 2 instruments are to be used for the Group Song.
8. Only the drum kit will be provided.
9. Guitar processors, keyboard stands, etc are to be brought by the respective schools.
10. Points will be deducted for exceeding the time limit.
11. There will be bonus points for depicting the theme of the fest -Retro


NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 6+4 Participants per school

DURATION: 15 minutes(13+2)

DESCRIPTION: When words fail, music speaks.

• Solo (Classical/Semi-classical)
• Solo Rabindra Sangeet
• Group (Folk song/ Sufi Music/Gana Sangeet/ Rabindra Sangeet)
• Instrumental (Solo-Only eastern instruments)

1. Only students from classes 9-12 will be allowed to take part in this event.
2. There must be a minimum of 4 vocalists per school for the group song.
3. No western instruments will be allowed for accompaniment (except synthesizers)
4. Maximum number of musicians-3 (the tabla player may not be a student from the participating school).
5. Any sort of pre-recorded music should not be used except the electronic tanpura.
6. Dress code:
      • Boys- School uniform or Kurtas
      • Girls- School uniform or Sarees
7. The host school will not provide any instruments.
8. Medleys will not be allowed.
9. Schools will be penalized for exceeding the time limit.


NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: Maximum 8+2 (including musicians)

DURATION: 6+2 Minutes (Empty stage to empty stage).

DESCRIPTION: Records of a lifetime.

1. Participants must perform a fusion of at least TWO songs of eastern and western category.
2. Vocals and instruments will both be given equal weightage during evaluation.
3. Only drum kits will be provided by the host school (the bass pedal must be brought by the respective schools). All other instruments are to be brought by the participants. Any type of instrument except DJ consoles is allowed.
4. Pre-recorded and pre-programmed music not allowed. Performances should be purely live.
5. Addition and alteration of original lyrics is not allowed.
6. The whole song or a part of it may be used.
7. It should be a uniform fusion rather than discontinuous consecutive songs.
8. The list of selected songs with the portion of the lyrics to be performed has to be emailed to the Fest email ID by the 10th of July ’18 by 11 a.m.
9. The participants are responsible for their own belongings.
10. At least 2 eastern and 2 western instruments must be used.
11. There will be bonus points for depicting the theme of the fest - ’Retro’




DESCRIPTION: Dumb and Dumber.

1. A game of charades will be played where one participant will be given a phone/tablet containing names of movies.
2. One of the participants is required to act and the other participant must decipher the displayed word(s).
3. The other participant will have to give clues either in actions (or words) or indirect hints to his/her partner.
4. Providing direct hints will result in deduction of points.




DESCRIPTION: Be the Devil's Advocate.

1. The topic shall be given at the time of registration on the day of the fest.
2. The time allotted for each speech is 2 minutes.
3. The participant shall begin speaking either FOR or AGAINST the motion of the house. After a certain time (moderator’s discretion) the moderator shall ring a bell where the speaker has to change the stance and speak for the remaining time period.
4. The time after which the bell is rung and the number of times the bell is rung is at the moderator’s discretion
. 5. Use of unparliamentary language will result in immediate disqualification.



DURATION: 5+1 minutes

DESCRIPTION: Whose line is it anyway?

1. The nature of the presentation should be purely comical critique.
2. Primary mode of communication must be English
3. Vernacular can only be used for a maximum of 5 Punch Lines from the movie .
4. Participants may review the songs, choreography, etc. as well which form an integral part of the movie.
5. Any use of vulgarity or un-parliamentary language shall lead to immediate disqualification.
6. The topic shall be provided on the day of the Representatives’ Meet by means of drawing of lots.
7. Judgement shall be made on the basis of co-ordination between the visual and vocal presentation, content, quality of language used, accuracy of technical observations, use of wit and humour and originality.



DURATION: 8+2 minutes

DESCRIPTION: Play to the gallery.

1. The topic of performance is "The Better Half"
2. The sanctity of theatre should be kept in mind while performing.
3. Scripts should be totally original. Proper usage of language is mandatory. Usage of any sort of unparliamentary language or indications of vulgar sort shall result in the immediate disqualification. This is no statutory warning, and keeping with this is mandatory.
4. The participating schools are to carry their own props and undertake their own make-up. Please avoid heavy set up of any sort as extra time shall not be provided. (The participants are requested to take care of their own belongings.)
5. Any slandering gesture to the sentiments of anyone whether political, religious, linguistic or controversial is to be absolutely avoided.
6. Microphones will be provided by the organizers.
7. Background score is compulsory. A Grand Piano will be available. Marks will allotted accordingly.
8. Technical doubts of any sort must be clarified at least a week before the Fest.
9. Violation of the time limit is not permitted and will lead to disqualification. A short bell will be rung at the end of 8 minutes, and a long bell shall be rung at the end of 10 minutes, after which the lights and the microphones might be switched off.
10. All participating schools must submit their scripts 1 week before hand positively. The scripts are to be submitted via email to . Complete privacy of the scripts will be taken care of by the organizers.
11. Any technical support required by the performing school, has to be brought in by the participants themselves. Devices except pen drives and laptops are not allowed.
12. Only limited use of vernacular language is allowed.